Teacher Trekker

High School Help

These resources are specifically for high school students. They will assist young explorers to prepare for important exams during high school, plan for college and put them on the road to a lifetime of successful adventures. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me.

NY High School Help

NYC Department of Education (DOE) – This is the homepage website for the NYC DOE.  It provides students, parents and educators with useful information and offers them multiple opportunities to participate in the City’s public school programs and initiatives.

NYS Regents Exam Prep Center – This website sponsored by the Oswego City, NY School District is designed to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Preparing for College

College Board – College Board provides resources, tools and services to students, parents, colleges and universities in the areas of college planning, recruitment and admissions, financial aid, and retention. (Click here for more information about the PSAT, SAT & AP exams.)

Kaplan Test Prep – Kaplan provides higher education programs, professional training courses, test preparation materials and other services for various levels of education. (Click here for more information about PSAT and SAT preparation courses.)

Princeton Review – Founded in 1981, The Princeton Review has long been a leader in helping college and graduate school–bound students achieve their higher-education goals through our test-preparation services, tutoring and admissions resources, as well as through online courses and resources and print and digital books. (Click here for more information about PSAT and SAT preparation courses.)