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Despite the fact that Europe is one of the smallest continents it consists of 50 internationally recognized countries and a number of other disputed territories.  As a result, the continent has a vast amount of cultural diversity to visit. A savvy traveler looking to explore many destinations can see more, save time and travel less miles, which hopefully can also lead to decreased spending. The continent itself can be categorized according to a variety of criteria for organization purposes including geographical, political, cultural, socio-economic and historical circumstances.  In many ways maps of Europe could be peeled like an onion each layer demonstrating even more complexities among the previously mentioned factors. For more information about the organization of Europe Wikipedia does a good job of providing a number of different maps for visual purposes.

From links of St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf to the ruins of Ancient Greece & Rome to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey there is so much to see and experience.  I could think of countless locations that I could get lost in the history and culture of Europe.  My previous experiences in Europe include trips to the following destinations:

Austria, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany,

Liechtenstein, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland