Teacher Trekker

Growing Up Traveling

As mentioned in the About section my passion for traveling first started at a young age. My family frequently traveled both domestically and abroad. We usually traveled within our immediate family, but there were also times they traveled without me. Who could blame them?  I  can admit that I was quite an annoying child.  Whenever they came home I was always so interested in their trips and jealous if I didn’t get to go with them. I could have added a few locations to my never ending checklist of interesting places, but I have managed to recreate some of them on my own. Regardless, I give all of the credit to my family and their hard work for making all of these experiences possible. 

I first traveled abroad to England with my parents at the age of five.  I grew up playing travel ice hockey and was able to travel all over the United States and Canada. However, it was the people, food and culture of Mexico, the Bahamas and Spain during my adolescence that truly made me want to travel more expensively in the future.  

Unfortunately, the resources available to document these experiences was quite limited compared to technology today. There are still many strong memories and personal experiences that I am still able to recall and incorporate in my classroom with great success. Growing up traveling exposed me to a much larger world. Therefore, I find it relevant to share my journeys, as well as demonstrate how one can utilize these destinations for extended learning opportunities in history and culture.